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Hot Tub Safety Tips

Owning a hot tub or spa is a great way to relax, circulate your blood and relieve those muscle aches and pains.  When designing your custom hot tubs ct you want to make sure that you have safety on the mind.  Hot tubs are essentially large pots of boiling water and if you don’t use them correctly you could end up with a lot of damage.

Manage the heat

Don’t turn your hot tub up to full blast.  You want to have a warm to hot temperature on your water at all times.  When you have your hot tub up too high you can burn your skin, do damage to your organs and much more.  The human body was only meant to withstand so much heat.  Keep it low and you will be fine.

custom hot tubs ct

Keep children away

Children should not be in hot tubs.  The heat from the water can do much more damage to them than it can to adults.  Even if the kids think it is cool to play in, you don’t want them in the hot tubs until they are teens or later.

Watch alcohol

Don’t drink to excess in the hot tub.  When you mix alcohol, heat and water you are looking for problems.  The alcohol will change the consistency of your blood.  This will lower your blood pressure.  Adding heat will also lower it even more.  When our blood pressure drops too fast we can pass out and have other medical problems.

Check with your doctor

Before using your hot tub to excess you will want to consult with your doctor.  You will want to be medically cleared to use a hot tub and be given instructions as to how hot and how long you can be in the tub.  Making sure that you are healthy enough for the conditions in the tub will ensure that you receive the benefits of the treatment and none of the side effects.